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About me – Jan-Erik Ander

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Jan-Erik Ander – freelance cartoonist

Jan-Erik Ander
– my CV

Jan-Erik Ander is a freelance cartoonist. He has served as cartoonist and journalist for a great number of Swedish newspapers and have published six books with political cartoons. He has been President of the Swedish Verbovisual Academy and writer of the book ”The Third Language – communication using multiple senses” – a handbook in communication using word, images and graphic design.

Jan-Erik holds a post graduate degree in graphic design from the Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design. For many years he was member of the boart at Konstfack.


Jan-Erik Ander is cofounder of Kreab. He has been CEO, Chief Creative Officer and Senior partner of Kreab. He has also been CEO of Lidman Information, Lexivision AB and AB Television. He has over 50 years’ experience in strategic visual communication and cartooning.

Jan-Erik is specialiced in explaining complex issues and has supported hundreds of clients with advice and visual aid for presentations, change programmes and training.

He has also long experiene in working with financial isssues and I have produced employee reports, environmental reports, financial prospects and hundreds of annual reports for large corporations.

As consultant he has produced a great number of election-campaigns, referendums, exibitions and management conferences. Jan-Erik has also worked with Corporate Branding and Corporate Identity programmes for both small and large organisations.


KREAB, Kreativ Information

Lidman Information

1946:  Born in Norrköping, Sweden

Freelance newspaper cartoonist, Eskilstuna Kuriren, Norrköpings Tidningar, Östgöta Correspondenten, Medborgaren, Moderat Debatt, Svenska Nyhetsbyrån (around 80 local papers, Svenska Dagbladet and a great number of swedish and international papers..

1967-1971: Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts  and Design.

1970-1973:  Cofounder, designer,
    Art Director, Kreab
1973-1985:  CEO of Kreab
1983-1985:  CEO of Lidman Information
1985-1993:  Deputy CEO of the Kreab Group, 

    Chief   Creative Officer
1993-1999:  CEO and owner.
    The Lexivision group of companies

1995-   CEO and owner, AB Television
1999-2009: Senior Partner,
   Chief Creative Officer of the Kreab Group

2004-2014: President. The Swedish         Academy of Verbo Visual Information,
Bild och Ord Akademin

2009 -2013: Senior partner, Chief Creative Officer Kreab (Kreab Gavin Anderson worldwide)

2013-2015: Senior Partner, Kreab

Freelance cartoonist and graphic designer, AB Television


1970 I founded Kreab together with Peje Emilsson and Peder Olin.

I have been CEO, Art Director, Chief Creative Officer and Senior partner at Kreab. 1993 Peje became sole owner of Kreab and I started Lexivision..


1980, Kreab bought Lidman Information
and I became CEO of the company. Lidman was specialized in book production, educational materials and information graphics

In 1993 I started, with
8 employees, Lexivision. To begin with a pure production company, but as soon expanded. After 5 years, Lexivision was a full servicecompany with over 100 employees.



"I have always liked to draw"

Graphic Designer

New Sw.jpg


Journalist and author

Even though I worked as a cartoonist, I have always liked to write. During a few years I published the magasin Kommunikation (Communication).


My cartoons have been published  in a number of books

The Third Language


My model Railroad

From ideas to finished products

Television is my production company.

We works with communication in different media. Word, images and design. From ideas to finished products.

AB Television was established 1935 inspired by the Olympics in Berlin, where moving pictures for the first time were broadcasted from the arenas to the press-stand. The phenomena was called television.

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